Highland Park Window and Brick Lighting:

Brick / Concrete:

-Main Light at corner of floor

-90 degree angle towards wall (feather across the subject)

-Never light at 45 degree angle to subject or you get flare in the fake backgrounds:

Window Light:

Do not photograph into the window as below.  This is a picture of a 30 year old cheap aluminum window with the subject too contrasty and split lighting.  Never position yourself where you see the window or frame.  You are only supposed to see the "Window Light", not the "Window":

To correctly execute window light your camera needs to be leaning against the wall, or at least you are and you are leaning into the wall as much as possible.  Reflector close and from the back.  This creates the correct, even, pretty window light we are looking for:

Studio Lighting Hairlight (preset):

There are pre-positioned hairlights available with the old style White Lightning power controllers.  Please always use the controller to tweak the light to the correct level for each subject.  Never set and forget, always testing for each: