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Call Queues (these allow callers to line up for the next attendant):

To enter the call queue as an attendant:
  *90 (wait)

To exit the call queue:

Transfering Calls:

Transfer without announcement:
  Trns / Ext / Trns

Transfer with announcement:
   Trns / Ext / (talk) / Trns

Transfer to VM:
   Trns / ** Ext /  Trns


  Dial Extension 600 and talk

Call Groups (rings group of phones):

  Production  - 404  
  Sales         - 400
    - 405


Park a Call:

While on a call, press your phone’s transfer button, followed by *103 (asterisk-one-zero-three).

You will hear an automated voice say, “Your call is parked in spot <#>, please complete the transfer now.”

Note the parking spot number, and press the transfer button again to complete the transfer to the parking spot.

Retrieve a Parked Call:

To retrieve a parked call, dial *104 (asterisk-one-zero-four).

An automated voice will say, “Please enter the parking spot number to retrieve your call.”

Enter the parking spot number that was communicated to you by the person who parked the call. The call will be automatically connected.

Re-Park a Call:

Let’s say you retrieve a parked call, but it’s the wrong call. To re-park that call, simply follow the steps above on “How to Park a Call”. The call will be re-parked in its original spot.

Worried You’ll Forget About a Call?

If a call is not retrieved after 45 seconds, you (the person who parked the call) will receive an automated call stating, “Your call is still waiting in spot <#>.” You will receive a reminder call every 45 seconds for six minutes, after which time the call will go to your voicemail box.